What I Learned About Setup

Hello, everyone! I’m new as of just a few hours ago, and after some frustration, my Mini is up and running. Initially I too had problems getting it to connect to my WiFi in the app. What I did was to go into my phone (iPhone 16) and disable the VPN protection. In my home I don’t need that anyway! Now I’m running the Spiral from inside out, and I’m pretty happy with it so far. Maybe disabling the VPN will help you too if you are using an Apple phone.

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@Wind Thank you for the update!

You are welcome! I hope this helps for people that are having difficulty! :sunglasses:

my VPN is off but still having trouble keeping the connection it get connected intially and then won’t reconnect. is there a way to drop the device from the app? I know how to reset the device to set up mode but how do you erase a device on the menu of the app?

I think that is above my pay grade! But if you erase your Mini from the app I don’t think it will work. at all. I don’t think it is necessary to erase your device - but what do I know? What I did last night was to just unplug my Mini. Then this morning I plugged it back in, and picked the clean Spiral in to Out feature, and it is working like a champ!

very nice!!! I will do some more digging. but glad you are up and running!!!