Set up instructions?

My oasis mini came with informaion on how to put sand in. I found a manual that talked about installing the software but offered no screen shots for how to set it up and now I’m reading about firmware updates and everyone is acting like that’s a “duh” thing too. I guess I’m really feeling like a boomer now and quite foolish. is there an instruction guide that walks you through connecting your phone app to the device and updating the firmware and running basic images?

Sounds like we still have some work to do on making the app more intuitive! Can you let me know where you’re getting stuck, and maybe I can help here?

The app wants me to connect to oasis mini network and then I get a list of wifi networks and I don’t see oasis mini on the list. Am I supposed to pick my regular wifi network at this step? I tried that and it asked for the wifi password but I stopped because my phone was already connected to my wifi network and why would the app need the password to do that again? So I don’t know what to do and I feel very stupid because I have to ask for help on your intuitive app. Please understand not everyone is comfortable just winging it. Some of us are risk adverse when it comes to passwords and security. I work in IT and my security team is telling us about zero trust bs all the time. Having a paper manual with visuals would eliminate the problem because hackers can’t hack paper.

Hi Jenny. You’re supposed to pick your regular wifi network from the wifi list. That’s how your Oasis Mini downloads patterns. We don’t store your password on our servers. We’ll continue working to make the app setup process more intuitive.

Actually, it is worse than that, I believe. When I first turned on my Mini, it created an isolated WiFi Network named “Oasis Mini”. The app threw up a dialog box about connecting to that network, but that didn’t actually work for me. I had to:

  1. Go into my wifi settings and select “Oasis Mini”
  2. Then go back to the App, and now it could usually see the Mini.
  3. Then I had to select my Home wifi network to move the Mini to that network.
  4. Then my phone connection would fail because the Mini was no longer creating a network. Back to the Settings to select my home
  5. Now, the Mini, phone, and house are on the same network.

I don’t know if this always works - I’ve had to do it 3 times and maybe I got it same each time. I don’t know if it is even right.

It would be nice if there was at least a set of text instructions on
what to do even if it didn’t have screen shots.

well I got the rainbow and then it said it couldn’t connect to my device. I think i need to do the firmware now?

I was able to get the rainbow, but it won’t connect to the device. keeps looping and saying there is an error. I tried the firmware update and reset the oasis but still stopped after the rainbow step. I’m using a T-moble router, could that be a problem?

Do you have a ticket open via Might be easier to troubleshoot there. If you could include a screenshot of the error message on the app, that would be helpful.

Sounds good! I think I"ve got one opened!!! We will get it sorted!!!