Connecting to a public network?


I bought the Mini to use in my classroom but I’m having trouble connecting to the network. Everything worked fine on my personal network at home but when I brought it to my school it won’t connect. I tried to connect it to my school’s network which requires a password but it said the network could not be found after entering the password. I then tried to use the guest network which doesn’t require a password so when asked to enter a password during the device setup I left it blank. It appeared that it worked because the blue ring turned rainbow but on my phone, it said in a yellow back that the device is connected but was not accessible. I have tried to reset it multiple times and did the hard reset ( hold the button 25 seconds) but have had no luck. Any other suggestions?

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@Jackamaran please upgrade your firmware using your home network. After that reset the machine’s WIFI settings by pressing the button for 3 seconds.
Please try again to connect to your school’s network.
Let us know if you have any problem

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I Went home and updated the firmware. Everything worked again on my home network. Brought it to my school this morning and having the same issues. All the wifi networks are showing up to be selected to connect to the Mini but when I try to connect to the password protected network it says it can not find it. When I try to connect to the guest network it acts like it connects but says the device is not accessible.

When trying to connect to the guest network the mini asks for a password but I leave that area blank and just press enter, could that be causing a problem?

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@Jackamaran Thanks for the update.
The WiFI without a password should work without problems. You are doing the correct process.
What can be happening is that your phone may be connecting to the wifi with a password and not to the guest’s WiFi.
I recommend you connect your phone to the guest’s WiFi and retry.
Thank you

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I’m going to guess that the guest wifi network has a splash screen that pops up that you would need to accept in order to ‘fully’ connect.

I haven’t found a way around that type of network yet in my testing.


That’s what I’m thinking. Nothing comes up on the web browser when accessing the guest network at my school like you would see at a restaurant or retail store but some features are limited. For example, my email will not update from yahoo if I’m connected to the guest network at my school. The password protected network also requires a username in addition to a password so I assume why it won’t sign in to the password protected network. Hopefully there will be a worked around at some point because I bought the mini to have in my classroom.

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I’m having the same issue. This is a shame as I purchase it for work.

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@Jo060 Thanks for reaching out.
Your phone is on 5G and needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi as Oasis Mini.
Please turn on the Wi-Fi and you will see on the main screen your Oasis Mini to connect.
Thank you

Prior to taking the screenshot, I had turned off wifi. It was originally on wifi.
Just as an FYI:
The guest network does not require a password, but there is a accept box needed to log in

@Jo060 If there is a web page to accept or log into, the system will not be able to access the internet. Depending on the network, you still can connect to Oasis Mini.
Best regards

There is a web page.
I do see Oasis show up in the Wifi list, but it will not connect


I’m not sure what’s involved in this or if it’s even possible through an update or something… Is it at all possible at any point to be able to download the images to the phone/app via Wifi from home but connect the Oasis with Bluetooth from the phone/app.

I feel like many will not be able to use the Oasis at work as most networks are too secure or require a “accept” from a separate web page.

Or can it be run from a PC?

There is no Bluetooth support for the Oasis Mini.

Without an app update I am unsure of any way you can join to open/public networks that require an acknowledgement page to grant you access.

These types of networks sometimes require disabling technology such as VPN to click through and then re-enable. They are not user friendly.

What might work better is to hotspot your phone and join the OM to that.