USB firmware upgrade instructions

I apologize for asking this but for some reason, this forum is very difficult to search. I searched for USB firmware upgrade with no results. Can someone please drop a link here to the USB firmware upgrade instructions? I appreciate it. Have not been able to connect to Wi-Fi ever since I received my beta unit.

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This is the link: Oasis Mini USB Upgrade

Let me know if you have any problem


Thank you! I was able to update the firmware and now the ball will go around once and stop near where the plug is and then it stops moving. I have rainbow lights swirling around also. But that is the extent of what it does. Also, the app says “Your Oasis mini is busy please wait”. But I don’t get anything else. The ball will move when it gets to its resting spot and make a weird noise with the motor as well.

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Hmm, sounds like it’s having trouble finding the center position. The ball is staying on the edge right? Is this a new device, or have you run some patterns on it previously? This help center article may help.

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