Will Oasis Still Work Without WiFi?

I had asked this question a while back, and the answer was that the Oasis would work without Wifi, just wanted to check if anything has changed.

My work has strict wifi protection and I don’t believe the Oasis will connect. Is it still possible to use it if only my phone can connect to wifi?

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Where did you ask? That shouldn’t have been the answer, as Oasis Mini does need a wifi connection to queue up patterns. If you connect, send a pattern, and disconnect, then it can run on internal memory for a while.

We investigated using Bluetooth, but the data transfer speeds are pretty poor, and it has a bunch of other issues compared to wifi.

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I originally asked on the FB group on June 16th. After looking back at the post, I didnt correctly remember the answer given.

"The current plan is that this will be a wifi device. I do believe the board we’re using has the ability to create its own network for you to connect to without an external network, but I’m not certain, and I can’t promise that we’ll be able to implement it. The thinking was moreso that it would communicate with your phone over your home or work network. "

Is this still the case?

That is accurate, but the device creates a network for the purpose of helping you connect it to your wifi network. You do need a wifi network for it to work.

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Ok perfect. Thanks
Sorry for the confusion.