Wifi problem Oasis Mini

Hello, after turning on the oasis mini I cannot connect it to my Wifi. I get to the point where I connect to the oasis mini’s wifi but the next step instructs me to enter the wifi password for my home wifi. After this, it says the wifi password is incorrect or says it cannot connect. (I have checked multiple times and it is the correct password. I have also tried to update it twice and have held down the button for 25 seconds to try and reset it. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Are you on iOS or Android? We have an iOS app pending review now that we think will fix this issue. The Android app was released earlier today, so if you’re on Android please make sure you’re using the latest app version.

ah okay I am on IOS, I will wait for the update!

Updates out! Please let me know if it worked.

It works great! Thanks!

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