Mini connection issues

First off I want to ask if anyone knows if they app control is locally through your LAN or cloud based?
I’m having issues. connecting to my new Mini and it’s likely due to my work’s guest wifi restrictions. (we’re only allowed to use the guest wifi for personal devices like our phones.) I know they restrict traffic and disallow any devices to connect to each other, only outbound to the internet. I can get my mini to connect to the network, lights go from pulsing blue to rainbow after app setup, but then I cannot connect to it after that. I have also upgraded the firmware using the USB connection and online tool. I’m curious if it needs a local handshake before adding to my account then using cloud control? I’ve had some smart plugs use this kind of behavior and I couldn’t use them at work, but would work fine at home.

I guess the main question is: If I connect to my mini using a different wifi (like bringing it home), get it to connect and add to my account, then would I be able to connect it to my work network and be able to control it?