Frustrated I cannot connect without wifi

I wanted to use this at work as it could help patients relax during therapy. I cannot connect through the WiFi due to IT refusing to allow it. I am disappointed that there is not a work around. Honestly I probably would not have supported this if I knew it I could not connect via Bluetooth.



I recall other users having this same issue and they were discussing how you could load patterns onto the Oasis at home and then plug it into a power bank to generate the pre-loaded patterns at the workplace, without the need for wifi access. Might be a little fiddly with the sand, but if you’ve kept the box it came in, that would be a secure method for travel.

I do understand your disappointment and have to remind myself that this is an ever-evolving project. The leaps and bounds by which this team keeps improving and upgrading their creation has been beyond expectation for me. (My issues were with the sound of the stepper motor. Hopeless until a recent update that reduced the noise so significantly, it feels like a different device.)

If you are able to step back to adjust your expectations, this group of thinkers and tinkerers may be able to help you find a satisfactory workaround so you can use your Oasis the ways you had imagined when first supporting the project.

@Daniel_Stephens Thanks for the message. We have been thinking about how we can enable Oasis Mini to run “offline”. This is not on our plan yet but for sure we should evaluate. I will keep you updated. Thank you


I am open to solutions. The product itself is amazing. Other than the WiFi it is what I expected and wanted. But the necessity of WiFi just kills it for my purposes

I tried to connect it through my phone hotspot. I also tried to use my iPad connected to the iPhone hotspot. Neither worked.

I also wondered if I used a splitter to keep power bit connect it either directly to the phone or if using an external hard drive or flash drive could work. I don’t have enough know how or time to think on this.

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I think perhaps the lesson here is buyer beware as I am not aware of any place that stated BT connectivity would be included or that the unit functioned on its own.

That said, lots of people find ways to connect external BT modules or RPi into products such as these - so it’s within the realm of possibility. Also, others hotspot their phones as a work around and join the device that way.

Time to dust yourself off and get creative @OP instead of pushing back on your community here - none of us are capable of giving you more time. Knowledge yes - but that requires more of your time to acquire.

Same here. I found I could use my phones hotpot instead of wifi. Works well