How to find mac address?

Hi, to connect to my work wifi I need to provide the mac address of my Oasis Mini. Unfortunately it’s not listed on the sticker on the bottom of the device, and I don’t see it anywhere in the app.

Is there some way to see this info?

I’m currently connected via the hotspot on my phone, which is a pain as the Oasis Mini has issues reconnecting if I’m away from my desk when a track completes. I get red lights and have to power cycle.

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Whomever runs your network should be able to see mac addresses of devices attempting to join, no?

Trying having them review logs but the device itself gets identified by most modern network hardware with a unique name with OM in the name - which should help.

Keep us posted on your results.

Great suggestion to look for OM in the name! I was able to find the MAC address looking thru my personal tp-link router logs. The name in the logs matches the serial number on the Oasis Mini sticker.

Happy I could help you!
Hope you enjoy your OM for years to come!

The Oasis Mini is now successfully connected to wifi, but I have a new issue… apparently there is strict network isolation in place, so my phone and oasis can’t talk directly to each other.

Is there any way to push playlists to the OM from the web? Maybe something in

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If both are on the same wifi then the issue is likely mobile data.
Have you tried disabling mobile data and then testing communication?

Thanks again for the reply.

I ended up just using an old Android phone as a mobile hotspot with 0.5 GB/month on a MobileX plan. For $3 per month my problem is solved and I can enjoy the OM without involving the IT department.

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Glad that’s working! I wonder if this is a recommendation we can make for people with similarly tricky connections. Schools and offices can both be tough. I see T-mobile hotspots on amazon for $20. Not sure what the data cost would work out to.


Yeah, I saw some really cheap unlocked hotspots on Amazon too. No idea if they’d work with the super cheap MobileX data service…

Alternatively if there is some way to enable web based control of the OM, I would much rather pay you $3/mo to offset server costs than pay MobileX. :slight_smile:

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