Can't See Iphone Hot Spot to connect the mini

Hey all,

I have been trying to trouble shoot ways to get around not being able to connect to my school’s public wifi so I can have my Mini in my classroom. It was suggested that I use my phone’s hot spot so I thought I would give that a try. I brought in my Ipdad and downloaded the app but when I went to connect the mini to my phone’s hotspot, the hotspot doesn’t show up on the list of available Wifi networks.

Any thoughts ?


Apologies for the slow reply. You’re generating the hotspot with your phone and using a separate iPad to connect to the mini right? If so, can you tell me more about the type of phone you’re using to generate the hotspot?

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It is an IPhone 12 using the xfinity mobile network.

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Was there ever an update here?

I am also trying to work around work WiFi limitations.
I have an iPhone 16 on ATT with a hotspot that my work laptop can see.
I am connecting my iPad to this network, and going through steps. When it asks for network, Oasis does not see my iPhone network, and entering the name manually with password does not find it.

I tried the reverse, using the iPad as the hotspot and the app on the phone, and got same results.

No, I did not get any response from this post. I had an earlier post where I described the problem I was having connecting to my schools wifi and they said there was a splash guard preventing the mini from connecting. I tried using my phones hotspot as a work around but had the same issues you are having. I bought it with the main purpose of having it in my classroom but it spent almost the entire time after i got it in its box. Hopefully it will have an update to help fix these issues before the next school year.