Unable to Connect After Firmware Update Today

Hello, i just attempted the update of the firmware… im assuming it completed and I am no longer able to connect… the oasis is just flashing blue… any help would be appreciated.

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Did you hold the reset button? You don’t need to after an update. Please hit “add new device”. The blue glow indicates that the device is in pairing mode.

Update. Oasis is just constantly running, unable to reconnect with the app even after removing it from the app entirely… its just constantly running the ball in tiny circular pattern… i cant get the app to connect at all… is there a phone number to talk to someone? Thanks!

I was able to resolve this but jumped through a ton of hoops… will post more details later so others can learn from my issue…

There was an issue with the new update. A patch is coming out shortly.
EDIT: it’s already out. Please test and let us know if it fixed the issue.

Downloaded new firmware today and still does not work. Cant even connect to the wifi. This should not be this complex to try and get to work.

Mine does not work either. Cant get it to connect. Starting to get frustrated as this should not be this hard to set up and use. Was purchased for an 11 year old for Christmas but not user friendly at all. Have spent 2.5 hours and nothing.

@MeganT I am sorry to hear you are having problems to setup the machine.
Can you please try to upgrade using our web portal?

I have completed that already, reset and completed again.

@MeganT Can you please share with us what step is not working?
Are you able to connect to the machine and choose your WiFi, input password for it?