Android app is buggy

Just got the Oasis mini and it works great but the android app is really buggy.
I can’t seem to get it to play a playlist, not sure if I’m doing something wrong?
Half the time, clicking back goes back to the Available Devices page and doesn’t even let me get back to the playlist section.
I also managed to add a bunch of tracks to the table control but can’t delete them.
The Oasis mini is great so far but it’s not great because I can’t actually get it to play a playlist of designs I want.


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@Aaron I am glad to hear the machine works great.
Let me help you with the software questions:

  1. To remove tracks from the current playlist, swipe left on the track name and see a trash bin icon.
  2. You can’t select a full playlist yet (this is on our feature backlog). You can select the playlist and add the tracks one by one.
    Please let me know if you have additional questions
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Hey there! I, too, use an android and it doesn’t seem to have a feature to delete things from my current track list. I tried swiping (both right and left), long presses, everything. The only option for me is to reorder the current tracks.

I’m really enjoying my Mini so far! Cannot wait to be able to play playlists and turn it off without unplugging at some point!

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So the swipe works, but it’s tricky. The sensitivity is a little strange, it doesn’t feel like a native app does.

Also, just the whole general flow of the app is strange, it works once you figure it out and I’m sure it’ll be better when they get playlists working but it feels like an Android app that wasn’t built by an Android developer.

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Hi All, the swipe works when you swipe left on the track name. Because the arrange button can feel weird if you are not used to it. I will check with developers if we can improve that. Thanks for the feedback

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