Cleaning in between tracks

What exactly is this feature, and what should I expect it to do?

My thought was that it would create a spiral or more uniform pattern before each track. Currently, it just moves on to the next pattern in the playlist.

I am also having trouble getting this feature to work. Whether the setting is on or off (Android or iOS), the Oasis just moves on to the next pattern without a clean every time.

For now, I’ve disabled the feature and manually added some “Spiral Out to In” and “Spiral In to Out” patterns to my playlist.

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I am also having an issue with this.

This is about to get changed with a new app update to work the way you might expect. Currently, it only adds a spiral each time you add a new pattern to your list. It won’t add a spiral between patterns that already were in the list. That is being changed though, so keep an eye out for an upcoming update.