Playlist issues

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve been able to add tracks to the welcome playlist. Not sure how to delete it from a list. But i can’t seem to run any other tracks. I get an error on unable to add more than 20 tracks. But i can find how to access playlist or tracks without clicking on the add track button. I’m disappointed in the lack of functionality in the app. I hope new version is coming soon.

@Efergi424 To delete tracks swipe to the left on the track name.

Thank you

I agree, I’m having this same issue. Can’t add more than 20 tracks to the current playlist. Not able to delete them and not able to add any different tracks that I would like to try out. Am I missing something? App is not very intuitive.

This have just changed as I was not able to do this last night. Thanks.

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