Unable to connect/spiral in and out

Hi there!

So I was having issues connecting to the oasis last night. It went red. I reset multiple times using the button, and I still could not connect to it, even tried adding a new device and that didn’t work either. I finally decided to delete and reinstall the app today and bingo, was able to connect right away.

However, when adding my new tracks now the app is automatically adding spiral in and out multiple times. I have to keep going back, deleting that track, and adding the ones I’d like. For example, I added owl and golden retriever. Then it said I can’t add more than 20 tracks, when I went back to view my tracks there was spiral in and out about 6 times as a track that I had to remove. Then go back and add the tracks I’d like, and rinse and repeat.

Oasis is working fine now, but wanted to bring this odd quirk to your attention.

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If you do see red LEDs, please open a support ticket and let us know how many LEDs you see. The number of LEDs illuminated corresponds to specific error messages, and there might be an easier fix. We’ll have a help center page that lists the different LED error codes alongside troubleshooting steps soon.

It sounds like you have the spiral icon selected on the app which does insert a spiral between each track. We need to make that feature a bit more intuitive.

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