Production Devices (3) Have Arrived!

I have received my (3) production level devices from the campaign.
Being a beta tester helped for sure.

I unboxed, flashed firmware and added the new device without issue!
The others are gifts from Hannukah and Christmas so they are wrapped.

I will help my 8 year old son set his up today and my mother-in-law in person when I make a trip out to see her.

There are excellent. Very happy. I know my family will be too!

If anyone has any questions - please let me know.

Thank You,


Woo! I think you may be one of the very first Kickstarter deliveries.

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Backer number: 90 (3 units total)
I’ll wait a few weeks and inquire about the add-ons.

How do you feel about the quick start guide that’s in the production units? A lot of beta testers mentioned wanting something like that.

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It looked nice.

But I didn’t read it or review it as I had Beta experience.
I am also holding you to your word for a digital manual! :slight_smile: