Idea for app (LED Timer)

I’ve found that it would be useful if the app utilized a timer function that would automatically switch off the LEDs. Something where I can set the LEDs to turn on and shut off @ different times depending on the day and set specific times!

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A timer mode in general would be good! I could see people scheduling it around work and bed time. @JuniorVeloso We should probably put together a board for feature requests like this.


@Zach @JuniorVeloso

Would you consider posting the list of features and improvements in the forums for us to nominate and vote for?

In some of the most cutting edge live feedback forums the community helps determine new feature implementation as customers, contributions. and creators.

Food for thought.

@JuniorVeloso I like it. We could list out our current feature list and get them ranked with a poll. Not sure what kind of sample size we’ll get. I’m sure the forums will get a lot more active in a few weeks when the large batches start landing.

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@Zach Yeah, a list of newly added features and fixes would be nice. I’m actually curious if there were any hardware changes from the Beta units. I know the app is getting updated regularly, but… Is the final production hardware essentially the same as the beta testing units, or were any physical design changes required/applied?

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I belief the hardware was identical other than a “shiny” exterior on the wood wrap versus a matte finish. There is a thread confirming this from last week.

I believe the OM team has been shipping like mad men and women hence the slow down on response times in the forum and likely increase in tickets.