Oasis Mini App Review/Suggestions by Puzzometry

Hello Sand Artists! Heres a video i did this evening of suggestions for improving the Oasis Mini App.

This is a follow up to the Oasis Unboxing video i posted a few days ago.

Please provide feedback, thoughts, suggestions!
Jim. - Puzzometry Puzzles

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This is great! I thought the points about branding and sprucing up the connection screen were good. We’ve been trying to balance function and fashion with the initial releases of the app. I liked your point about affordances too, and I had no idea what that tool was until you mentioned it’s a glass cutter. I was over-privileged with having access to waterjets in the past.

I do think the LED configuration screen needs some adjustments. I wonder if little tiles for the different lighting modes would work.

Location services is a requirement for the wifi setup! It seems like it would be a good idea to indicate that in an earlier screen when a user first installs the app.

As a future visual improvement, I think implementing the LED modes into the app screens would be really cool as you mentioned. The disappearing elements towards the end of the video is a bug that should be fixed in the next version.

Overall this review was really helpful! We have a new app update that we’re testing internally right now and should be published in the next couple of days. It adds a lot of new features, but it doesn’t hit many of the stylistic suggestions you made, and we’ll add those to our list.

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Hey Zach!. . thanks for the feedback! Yeh, tiles at the bottom of the color screen might be a good solution to that! So help me understand why location is required for wifi?