Couple of questions and praise

I received the oasis this afternoon and absolutely love it. My four year old and 12 year old is mesmerized and my wife can’t wait to pick the next pattern. If you don’t mind I have a few questions.

Can I make the pattern stop when finished and not go to the next one? Right now I can’t delete the track list on the iOS app but read you said an update was coming.

What do the icons next to the pattern do? The arrows and hour glass?

If I get new sand how do u reccomend I remove the sand currently in the oasis? Is there an easy way?

Technically will I ever need new sand or would this sand be good forever?

And finally what kind of sand would u recommend? Like sand art sand?

Can’t wait to see the new patterns start to appear and will email you in about a month for the kickstarter bonuses. Been following you since last March when you first started on Tik tok. So glad I found it and so happy it’s finally arrived. Keep up the great work.


Woo! Glad you’re enjoying it.

  • If you’re on the new app, you should see a little hourglass symbol that when selected will pause between tracks

  • There’s no great way to remove the sand currently, but we’re working on it. Our current process is an unceremonious dump onto a paper towel which we then funnel into a bag.

  • You should never have to change the sand. I’ll get cat hair in mine sometimes if I leave the cover off. It doesn’t wear out though

  • You want something a bit finer than beach sand. We’ll put together some recommendations for 3rd party products soon.


Thank you so much for your quick response. Quick suggestion for the app and changing colors of the led lights. If there was a way we could cycle through the colors every few minutes instead of having to manually change the colors it would be cool to stare and continue to watch change. Again congrats look forward to watch this product grow better and better


I’ll relay that to the developers! I also missed part of your question. The arrows will keep looping the playlist once it’s finished.

What do the other two icons next to the speed bar do? There is an hour glass and a spiral.

The hourglass pauses between each pattern. The spiral inserts a cleaning spiral between each pattern.

Zach, the spiral doesn’t seem to be working to clean after each design. Any thoughts?

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@Sisyphustablemeow The Spiral Button on the main screen will automatically add a clean pattern every time you add a new track.
It does not add a clean pattern to the current playlist.
Thank you

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Can we get the feature to automatically put a wipe program during a playlist and get time duration 1-5-10 minutes or so pause before starting the next playlist item?

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