Unboxing and Oasis Mini and initial impressions of the iOS App

Hello Sand Artists! I received my Oasis mini yesterday and filmed an unboxing and initial use! Sorry ahead of time for the sniffles :slight_smile:

Check it out at:


here’s some unboxing photos of my beta unit:

adding a couple videos as well:




Thanks for posting! We talked a bit over email, but I watched your video earlier today, and it was really helpful to see how someone new to the product interacts with the app for the first time. We’re pretty bad testers at this point because we’ve interacted with it so much.


I love how long it took for you to notice the Play button, I was almost shouting at my screen for you to press it!

That said, maybe a translucent overlay on the drawing thumbnail to start or pause playback is in order, since the instinct is to tap it to make it play.

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Yeah, I think there are UX improvements to be made. I have a few friends who I stood over their shoulder and watched with the initial app setup, and the play button was often missed. A lot of apps have a little new user onboarding sequence that I think is nice.

thank you for video and photos

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Thanks for the video! It looks great.

What I would like to give as feedback as part of this unboxing video, is that something like a “Wizard” to help you get started with the Oasis mini would be nice.
For example where, after you connect with it, it will automatically devide the sand for you by using the circular motion patterns (in + out), and then asks you to add a few new vectors to your track.

I think that overal would greatly improve the user experience :slight_smile:


ha. . yeh, thats fair. . i definitely should have seen it! :slight_smile: