It’s really loud

Just got my oasis mini today and eagerly set it up. To my dismay it is really loud. You can hear a constant whine that changes in pitch as the ball moves around. Changing the ball speed does not help. The sound is so annoying I don’t think I can leave it running unless some other noise is going on that can mask it.

Anyone else experience this or know of a way to fix it?


It should be about the “loudness” of a whisper. Is yours louder than that? We’re working on some software improvements to reduce the sound further.

Try flashing the firmware.

If they connected and ran a pattern they have to be on latest fw

Firmware has been updated.

I would say it is a whisper or louder. But either way if it is the right volume, it is not a pleasant noise. I would put it on par with a noisy power supply in terms of irritation factor. The first thing my toddler said when she saw it was “what’s that noise”.

I have tried lifting it off the surface it is on to see if it was amplifying it, but the sound was the same.

Anything I can do to lessen the noise? I love everything else about it, and have been waiting eagerly since before the launch.

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We’ve got some firmware changes in the works that should reduce things further! Having everything assembled with the glass cover on also helps quite a bit.

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Is the mini using stepper motors, and if so are they using any micro stepping? On other items I have using stepper motors micro stepping makes a difference.

Edit: my glass has been on the whole time

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Yep, we’re micro-stepping. It’s not quite the 1/64th micro steps that you see on some 3D printers, but it’s micro-stepping nonetheless.

Can you record the noise so we can hear if your unit is any noisier than ours?

In general there’s not too much to learn from a recording unless someone is reporting a grinding noise. Phones will auto adjust gain, so it’s not really possible to tell how loud a noise is from a video, and it might make some people think it’s louder than it is.

So I used a decibel meter app and got a ~10db difference. Which is on par with what you said it should be.

However I don’t think that does the noise justice. I was able to hear it while my 1 month old was crying. My wife and I are able to still hear it while we are having a conversation. We both find it quite distracting

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Thanks for the measurements! We have a little handheld dB meter that we’re using, and we’re working to reduce the sound further.


Audio Engineer in a prior life. Measurements are meaningless without a calibrated reference microphone, my measurements will never match yours, and the surface it is sitting on can change the values as much as the room or space it is sitting. But same mic in same place and same everything (except the mod you are testing) will reveal changes and be of value here.


I got mine the other day, and after connecting (eventually) and updating firmware, the stepper motors are so loud when running a pattern! :sob:

I can hear it over my 3d printer in the same room, doesn’t matter which speed it’s going at.

Definitely looking forward to an update so I can watch this thing make gorgeous patterns without listening to the screeching song of the robots. :two_hearts:

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Hmm, I’ve got a few 3D printers in the same space, and the Minis I’m running here are a few orders of magnitude quieter. What does the noise sound like? There should never be any grinding sounds. The surface you place the Mini on has a decent impact on the noise level. We introduced an app update with new table speeds that should reduce the sound further, and we’re continuing to investigate software changes.


Thanks for the quick reply!

I grabbed a few videos here:

It now seems to have gotten stuck in the same place (on different patterns). The second time it got stuck was after resetting it by holding down the button and re-adding it to the app, then loading a new pattern.

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Yeah, something is getting stuck. Can you open a support ticket via


Done! Thanks for the help! :grinning:


I hear a slight whirring noise but I also get a clicking noise. It only happens when the ball is on the side where the power connection is. I’ve done all the updates and it’s still there.

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