First Post! Welcome to the Forum :)

Hi Everyone. Zach here, one of the Oasis Mini creators. Among the most exciting parts of this project is the community that we hope to build around kinetic art. We hope this forum becomes a place where you can discuss techniques for creating beautiful patterns, discuss experimental and creative uses of Oasis Mini, and find community. I’m looking forward to talking to many of you here.


Hello everyone, I’m Alessio and I’m writing to you from Italy. I can’t wait to start creating and sharing with you. Interesting that there is the possibility of comparing oneself with other creators…

I have a question: are there Italians in this forum? My English is the terrible result of Google Translate, forgive me

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Welcome Alessio! The forum is just getting started and I think will be more active once we ship. Hopefully some fellow Italians join soon.


let’s give time to time
it will definitely be a success

Just saying hi since I stumbled over here after getting the recent Indieogogo update. Can’t wait to try things out in a few months! I’m especially looking forward to seeing what my digital art loving teen comes up with for designs!

Until then I’ll just lurk :eyes::laughing: