Can't connect/find a device

oasis turns on
blue blinking band
on phone app cannot find any device to connect to
on the connect device screen it lists no available device to connect to , nor can it find a device searching for one
any advice?

same, the directions didn’t say what the device would show up as, so I have no idea what network or device to pick. just a blinking blue circle, lol.

It would be nice if the user guide (which wasn’t included, btw) had instructions or a walk through of the connection process and basic use of the app. I know everyone thinks the tech is intuitive. I’m an x-er but feeling like a boomer now. thanks for the blast from the past with you too intiutive tech. maybe my grandkids will like it, lol

Please open a support ticket via, and we can help with this. We also just released an app update that fixes some common connectivity issues, so please make sure you’re on the latest version! If you do open a ticket, please include your phone and wifi router information.