Additional accessories, like fe: glass protector, extra sand, etc

I was wondering, if you will be offering additional accessoiries in the future?
And most of all, will be you selling them international trough amazon for example? (amazon us, eu, asia?)

I would love to be able to order:

  • extra sand (for obvious reasons + the glow in the dark looks epic!)
  • glass protector (since… I have kids)
  • colored or lightly structured balls

@Darkentrophy We are preparing all this. Thank you so much for your feedback!

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I purchased a clear vinyl circle to protect another sandscape I have and somehow the static generated between the vinyl and glass was strong enough to attract the sand to the glass and disrupt the patterns.

It also meant each time I removed the glass, to re-distribute the sand collecting along the perimeter, the sand adhered to the glass would fall to the floor, making quite the mess.

I ended up removing the protective layer, as it was more trouble than it was worth, and caused visual distortion on top of everything else.

Perhaps other clear materials might be less static-prone, but I would test it extensively to prevent any of the issues that it may cause.


Yeah I think you are right, different materials may act differently.
Since I dont have an Oasis or any sand table yet, I have no experience in this. But using a mobile phone protector as reference, some are static, but most hardened glass protectors (H9) are not.
I would love to protect my glass, since at some point I see one of my kids putting a glass on it for example, and it may cause scratches.

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That’s a good point. I hadn’t considered a tempered glass option, but my other sand table is 21" and that would become cost-prohibitive at that diameter, so the 1/8" thick clear vinyl was the next best thing, on paper.