Sand, glitter, balls

Is there a certain kind of sand to use in this? Can i use any glitter or does it need to be a special kind or size. And what do the balls need to be made of to work, should i want to get other sizes or even colors? Or, will you be selling these things eventually. I was a backer so i will be getting the items from the stretch goals eventually, but i also want more variations than what we wil eventually get. Thanks

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Yeah, there’s definitely a sweet spot for the grain size of the sand. We’re working on finding more materials. This glitter works well, but it can be hard to remove.

Most magnetic ball bearings will work. If it’s too big, it’ll actually start to contact the glass which you don’t want. You can get some fun effects from very tiny ball bearings where it disappears under the sand.

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Glitter Hippo informed me that bamboozled will be back in stock end of March.

We are anxiously awaiting stretch goals to play with more bearing sizes and to line Zach’s pockets with additional sand purchases! :slight_smile:

Imagine what a chain of tiny bearings would do…


Haha, this may surprise you, but the margins on glitter ain’t all that. It’s free for backers, and I’m not even sure that we’ll sell it long-term. Still need to do some testing to see how much interest there is.

If you want to experiment, most ball bearings will work as long as they have a steel core or are one of the magnetic stainless steel variants like 440C.

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But glitter is soooooooo pretty!

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How much glitter should I buy? Do I mix it in with the sand, or use it by itself?

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One of the glitter hippo packets is the right size! I’d recommend using it on its own. If you do want to mix colors, you’ll want to use about 5 teaspoons of material total.

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Soooo just one 20 gram packet?