Where to buy colored sand packets?

I am preordering my Oasis now and don’t see any way to order other colors of sand. Is this a future option or am I missing it? Thanks.


You might find this eloquently named forum thread helpful: Sandy Sand Suggestions - #4 by Zach

We are working to make additional color options available throughout website in the future, but glitter hippo provides a great product that’s available now.


interesting topic! could you share some links? Can I find anything on Amazon? what can I look for?

I have found this product:

KASA DECORATION Sabbia Colorata Verde Tiffany per Decorazioni 1120 g

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That product is worth trying, and I’d be really interested to hear your results! 0.2mm is about the right size. Larger sand sizes will work, but the path of the ball is less smooth.

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there would also be this 0.1mm version:
Heku 30330-05 decorativa/sabbia colorata azzurra, 750 g, in barattolo richiudibile, 750g / Körnung 0,1mm

but how many grams of sand do you need to fill the container?
How many do you supply? could you give us more technical details?

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You want to use a volumetric measurement instead of grams. 5 teaspoons is about the right amount.


I don’t want to spill the beans but I might have an idea of what you’re using. It’s not strictly speaking “sand,” right? Just has a sandy texture in its dry state.