Initial setup issues

I set up my unit for the first time this morning. I’ve posted elsewhere moments ago, but now the whole unit is frozen. When the unit began and my account was created, the ball was moving in the center a few millimeters here or there. Then I looked at a few settings and pressed the “play” button, which I assumed is how you begin it, since there are no instructions anywhere in the app.

Nothing happened, the ball did not move. When I read a few suggestions of doing a ‘reset,’ I held the button in and the white light spun, and now the app is stuck. I close it and it restarts the same way in the image here. I cannot get it to stop spinning. I’ve created zero designs as the ball just sits, even tho I hear the motor running.

Not a great first setup experience here at the moment…


Yeah same issues here, I’ve had it for 2 days and haven’t been able to do a single design despite my numerous attempts & troubleshooting

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I’m sorry to hear that your initial setup wasn’t seamless! We’ll work to get this fixed. Can you try to hold the reset button on the back for 25 seconds (I’d recommend setting a timer) to see if that corrects the issue? The app hanging like this generally means that the Oasis Mini is having trouble finding it’s homing position.

So, THIS time, doing a reset, it worked. Something just clicked and it began doing a design. However, after the design, it moved onto another in the list I created…but when I went to the Settings section and selected clean before next design, the unit stopped. What does that phrase mean? Do I myself need to clean it? Or does the ball do some sort of wiping out the design it just did? It just stopped and sat there…

It will do a spiral to somewhat “reset” the sand for the next design. I found lightly tapping a few times at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions smooths the sound out nicely.