Center of my table not drawing

I have uploaded a photo for reference and circled in red the area I am speaking of.

The center of my table the design does not go over this. At first I thought it was just how it was until I saw some pictures from others and theirs does not do this.

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

I’m having a similar issue, but mine is a lot larger. The center 2" or so of my unit doesn’t draw at all anymore. I noticed yesterday it sounded like it was grinding some when the ball made it to the middle, and now the ball won’t get there at all.

EDIT: unplugging the unit and plugging it back in seems to have resolved it. The in-to-out circle is now starting in the center as anticipated. will run through a few designs to see if it returns.

We have a software patch coming out for this shortly. In the meantime, power cycling the device by unplugging and plugging back in the machine will temporarily fix this.


Will do! Thanks Zach…. You and your team are AMAZING