iOS app for my Oasis Mini

Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to have a preview of the possibility to download, install and use the application in such a way as to be able to set up your profile and customize it as you like. I hope that in the application it will also be possible to follow the most valid creators… like the application that already exists for HoverAir X1 or for insta360

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Have you checked the Apple store already, because I was excited to find the Android app in the Play store, even though it might have been released prematurely.

I was able to set up my profile, but not much else until we’re able to connect to the device.

The Apple store one isn’t live yet. We need a bit more time to get it approved, and we might start out on Apple’s testflight platform for beta users.

The Android one is live, and all the core features and functionality are there. Mostly, there are a bunch of small design changes that we’d like to make. Not much to see before the Oasis Minis arrive though!


Hi, I’m part of an Apple Developer Program. If your team wants to invite me, I can collaborate with you for free to test the application on Apple smartphones.



If you’d be willing to test on a variety of devices, that would be awesome actually. Most of us are Android users, so we had to buy an iPhone for testing :joy:

We’re still working through the review process with Apple, and if it’s not public in a few days we’ll probably invite people through testkit.


I am an Apple device user (iPhone and iPad) as well as an Echo device user. I would love to get one of these Oasisi Mini’s and test it with my devices. It looks amazingly cool.

Any idea when it will work with Apple devices?

The iOS app should be out this week! Both iOS and Android will be supported from the start.


II have several devices, both smartphones and tablets. I already run compatibility tests for other software houses as a job

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