Can't add device in the app

I finally received my Oasis Mini yesterday and was so excited to set it up. It seems like the power adapter I received is faulty cause it would not turn on when plugged in using the supplied power adaptor and cord. This wasn’t a big deal as I have other adaptors. Plugging the cord in to my computer seemed to fix that issue and the blue light came on. I then went into the app and clicked Add Device. I got a pop up asking if I wanted to connect to the device. I clicked ok, then a small pop up came up saying connected and the app began to spin, but nothing else happens after that. The light on the unit stays a flashing blue, nothing else happens in the app.

I logged in to my router and turned off the setting that was combining my 2.4 g and 5 g bands into 1, but that does not seem to have made any difference.

I’ve tried power cycling the device. I downloaded the new firmware for the device and installed it based on instructions I found on another post here. This morning I saw there was an update to the app, so I downloaded that and tried again, but it still will not add the device in the app. It never gets to a point where I can select my network or anything. Am I missing something?

Thanks to support’s help, I discovered my issue was that my phone had a VPN turned on. This seems to have been preventing the app from connecting to the device. After turning off my VPN, I was able to get it to connect and set up the wifi connection.