Will non-US preorders be possible outside Indiegogo platform?

Hi, i’m following the blog for news and i would be excited to buy/preorder one. But i live in europe and the preorder must be placed on Indiegogo platform.

This is what Indiegogo write:

Your contribution is a way to support an entrepreneur, but does not guarantee that you will receive a perk.

Is there any way to place an order and have guarantee to receive a refund if i don’t receive any item?


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Indiegogo is a third party that we use for international pre-orders, and as far as we’re concerned everyone who orders an Oasis Mini will receive one.

International pre-orders are going to stay on Indiegogo. This is mostly because international shipping is fairly complicated, and we need the ability to calculate and charge the appropriate shipping rate after the campaign.


Thank you, that totally answers my question if there was a difference in ordering via the website and Indiegogo.

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