What is the button for?

There is a small button next to where the usb cord plugs in. What is that for?

Its the power button

It has a few functions. A quick press while the device is on will put the device into sleep mode where the LEDs turn off and the machine pauses. You can also turn it back on with a quick press.

A 3 second hold will reset the networking settings. An 8 second hold will do a full device reset including the memory and network settings.

Why on Earth isn’t this explained in the app tutorial or in a printed guide?? I shouldn’t have to come to an online forum for this basic info.

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Hello all - sometimes a quick press of this button turns off my device, as discussed here.
Other times, my device turns off briefly (for 1-2 seconds) and then starts up again. The only remedy seems to be to unplug the device and plug it back in again - and the quick press seems to work again.
Has anyone else had this problem?