What does a red light mean?

Hi! Major issues getting things set up here. Now when I power device on I get the red light. What does this mean?

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These are error codes with each red light having a different meaning.

In almost all cases resetting the device by holding the button down for a specific duration of time will allow you to re-add the device and reconnect the app and network to the device itself.

There are additional support articles being written by @Zach.
Zach is reporting error codes that can be fixed via the app to the devs.

They are also working on a table of the error codes and colors of the LED ring along with solutions for each error code or color’s meaning.

Try 25 seconds and going through the setup process once again.

@pwfcvf 2 red lights, the Oasis Mini can’t find the wifi you set up or the password is incorrect.
Please press the button behind for 3 seconds to reset the wifi settings and try to connect again.
Thank you

Thank you! That cleared the red light, but now I’m getting an error saying that “The device has successfully connected to wifi but not accessible” via the iOS app.

@pwfcvf This happens when your phone does not reconnect to your wi-fi automatically.
You need to make sure your phone is connected to the same wi-fi you are connecting to your Oasis Mini.
Sometimes, we use the phone on Mobile Data and not on Wifi, you can connect to the Oasis Mini to setup the Wi-fi but not to exchange messages later on.
Please let me know if you have more problems

Sadly no such luck. The wifi is the same on the device and on my phone. Assuming its a software thing. I flashed the most recent firmware from my laptop to it without luck but may keep trying/keep an eye out for future app and firmware updates to see if it will play nice with my wifi. Thanks!

@pwfcvf Can you please check if your app is the latest one.
We had issue with special characters in the wifi password in the previous version.
If you still have issues, we are happy to help

I’m currently on 1.0.3. The wifi i am connecting to only uses upper case letters, lower case letters, and numbers.

@pwfcvf Are you connecting to 2.4GHZ?