Needs calibration?

None of my designs are coming out correctly. Jellyfish bell was completely separate from the tentacles. Dog was skewed like a fun house mirror. T-Rex was unrecognizable. And now I’m doing Spiral in to out and it’s just repeatedly going around the outer edge over and over not moving toward the middle at all.

The pattern in the app progresses like it’s working, but what’s happening in the app is not what happens on the device itself. When it’s done it looks nothing like the pattern. I got about 5 perfect patterns out of it in the beginning and it has gotten way less accurate since then. Something’s got to be out of calibration or something. Is there a way to calibrate it to get the accuracy back?

I’m using the exact sand that came with it (just 1 bag), it’s on a flat surface, don’t know what else it could be.


try the wolf one and see if it comes out right and if does should be fine just file issues… some didnt comeout right for me but wolf and skull did

That’s not it. It’s not “file issues” if the Spiral In to Out pattern worked perfectly many, many times but now just has the ball going around the outer edge repeatedly for the entire duration.