Low Hum + Rattle

Hi. I’m wondering if it’s normal for my device to have a low constant hum and a periodic rattle that occurs while in use? The rattle sort of still sounds like the hum - it’s a low sound, too. I’ve ensured it’s sitting on a level surface and that the glass lid isn’t the issue (it makes the noise with the glass removesd). Thanks for any info!


Mine does the same thing. a constant hum seems appropriate given the internal gears working… but the occasional grinding noise and rattle are concerning.

It definitely doesn’t sound like a normal, calm hum. The rattling and grinding just can’t be right. :(. I opened a support ticket!

From what I’ve read, a rattle/creak may happen and can be fixed by adding grease to the gears.

I believe it was recommended to run the clean pattern for a certain amount of time. The steps are under FAQ’s on the main website.

Thanks! I saw that and tried that……all it did for me was make that rattle noise for 12 hours. :frowning: Hoping support will have a good solution.