Lighting up Oasis Mini

Wondering how much customization can be done with the lighting…

Might be cool to generate a warm white/yellow light, think candle light, and random flickering with random brightness, um, like a candle, but with some tuning functions.

Would be a nice effect with a pattern, the light sand, and a low light environment.

Also, and I assume a hardware change, but music sensing and response with the light might be cool.

Lastly, “themes,” preprogrammed and modifiable, and blank slates to create your own (color, transisiton types, speed, etc.).

Any of these a possibility?

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We do plan on adding many more light modes. They’re very easy to implement and just require a bit of code and a firmware update.

I’m less sure about reacting to music or ambient design. I do sometimes do that with my smart bulbs, but I’m not sure that it fits with Oasis Mini. We would need to add a speaker to all of the units, so it would be a hardware change.

Custom, programmable light modes would be a cool thing to implement into the API that we plan on building. I’m not sure how hard it would be to allow people to program their own light modes. Injecting code is always a little dicey, but something along those lines could be possible.


Govee untilizes the option of using the phones speaker through their app for music/sound detection. Maybe an option here as well? Just throwing out an idea without having to add hardware to finished product and having it be an option for everyone and not just future purchasers.

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That’s a good point. It could use your phone as a mic, and then it’s just a software update. I’ll ask our devs about it :slight_smile:


I support this message.

The more features - coding the most efficiently - the better.

It’s value add with documentation beaten to death for most of this stuff.

@Zach if you need coding help I know the best in the business.