Life expectancy

So let me start by saying Eeeekkkkk… I got mine today!!! So excited. Set up with minor to no issues and have spent the last 3 hours just playing and watching and reading the forums here….


Now to my question … if I run my mini 24/7 what is the life expectancy? Lots of people asking questions about power switches and power off features in the app. But if I want to let it run all the time what kind of damage would I possibly be doing to my machine?

I kind of wondered that myself! I’m not going to condemn the maker/designer of this, because I don’t know what kind of testing they did on this before release for life expenctany. But my guess that with constant use, I wouldn’t think it would last more than a year, possibly less.

That’s great to hear! It’s designed to stand the test of time. We’ve done accelerated lifetime testing on the critical components and haven’t gotten any to fail yet. We also haven’t seen any lifetime failures on the units we’ve been running for testing. It’s totally fine to run it continuously, and we’re adding some scheduling features to the app.

Thank you for this information! I ran it all day yesterday while I was working (must say it is a huge distraction!!) and left it on all night. I love this thing.

On no…. Did my question sound like I was condemning??

No, I didn’t want to sound like I was condeming…