Its like Christmas in March! So excited to share my love for Oasis with 3 more people

Backer #173 and I’m excited to finally have my 3 production units in hand. I believed in them back in July and since I’ve been beta-testing it, I believe in them even more.

The packaging is sweet and shows off all the best things why I funded them. I want to open one up so badly to see what’s inside since my beta unit only had the hardware so I can see if the out-of-the-box experience has improved, I’m sure it has.

Now the tough decision, my original plan was to give them as Christmas gifts to my family to surprise them all at once. But since they already saw the beta on my desk (and also fell in love with it) should I hold off to give them theirs until Christmas, or just give it to them on their birthday? What do you think?

The best part of being a beta tester is now I have an extra until that I can surprise someone else with.

Keep up the great work Oasis team.


Christmas is too far! I vote the sooner the better :slight_smile:


Wow… Awesome Picture!
I vote open the gifts))

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How about Independence Day?

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I stopped reading this blog…
then curiosity…

I can’t wait to have it!


Yoo give it to them randomly over the year. Or pic a random holiday to give it to them like April 13 National Scrabble Day hahaha

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@dennis.morrow Can we use this pic in today’s Kickstarter update?

YES!! Use it for any marketing you wish. If possible just give me credit for the pic with a tag on the post or on the image with my name

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