First Pass at a Pattern Creation Tutorial!

Hi Everyone. We put together a first pass at a tutorial for the very basics of creating patterns for Oasis Mini using Sandify.

Please let me know what you think! We’re mostly wondering if there’s anything in this tutorial that’s confusing or could be made more clear. This is a very first draft, and we plan on significantly expanding the pattern tutorials. The best way to do that is collaboratively with all of you!


This is not easy.
This guide is sure to inspire many people to give it a shot.
Many will be productive and we will all benefit from the hard work!

The part that may be more complicated to explain is how to avoid drawing that avoid producing unwanted lines - at least for my edification.

Thank you, Zach1

So I took a shot and created my first design (very basic “word art”) and it worked! The bad part is every time I was trying to use Sandify it either froze, crashed, or just shut down on me. Not sure if anyone else is having that issue, I’m using it on my iPad running it on Safari.