Are there 'Favorite' Buttons on the Oasis

Forgive me if this has already been discussed.
I’ve not yet seen if there are any buttons on the side of the Oasis.

It would be super cool/useful if there were 2-5 buttons on the side of the Oasis to save ‘favorite designs’. Just walk up to the Oasis, hit one of the buttons and it would draw whatever design was saved for that button. Having multiple buttons for that purpose would be great! Thoughts?

I think buttons would take away from the design. This is probably an option within the app to save favorites tho.

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yeh, i can see where it would impact esthetics, but it seems like there should be a way to at least minimally interact with the device without a phone. ex: first thing in the morning, just touch a button and let it draw.

We did think about this, but there’s not much functionality you can get without an app. You could have a numpad with some preset patterns, but we didn’t think the cost/benefit was there for including physical buttons.